Learning Map was a long term project implemented by 4 partners from different backgrounds and countries. Ha Moment from Portugal, dedicated to non-formal education for adults. Badgecraft from Lithuania, a technical partner dedicated to the use and accessibility of Open digital Badges as a tool for recognition of competences. UPB from Germany, an university that also works with adult education and VET schools. Pina from Slovenia, expert in communication and media development, and also working with Adult Education.

Partners involved in this project

During the project we developed 4 different outputs. Click bellow in each tab to view them.
You can access to the main output, the learning map (also called as Badge Map for coherence and connection with Open Badges) clicking here.

This is the main output of the project. It’s a web platform which allows to use Open Badges as digital credentials. It includes the following features:

Start with one badge, then create entire systems. Have total flexibility in recognition.

Build recognition pathways with levels and milestones. Track progress and monitor skills development.

Show opportunities for learning and achievements. See how badges can encourage proactivity.

Impact and achievements
  • Monitor how people complete badge earning activities in real time.
  • View and analyse recognition data. Use it to identify trends and patterns.
  • Issue certificates based on earned badges and unlocked achievements.
Achievement portfolio
  • Sort and visualise achievements in an online portfolio.
  • Manage privacy settings to decide easily who you share your achievements with.
  • Share achievements online and offline with digital Open Badges and printable certificates.

We have 2 issues of the guidelines. The first one with basic steps how to register and create the first badges.

The second guidelines are specific for the new features of the Learning Map tool.

If you prefer to download in pdf format, please click on the following links:
Issue 1
Issue 2

Bellow you can find the videos we produced on this project.

During the project we conducted a research to verify the usability of the tool that we were developing, and so a scientific article was published.

Click here to access it.

One of the paragraphs from the research: 
The use of gamification methods and tools such as open badges and the Learning Map tool should increase the interest and participation of adults in learning. The core idea of the project was that tool should also make it possible to achieve inclusive education, training and youth, as it promotes employment in different areas of education and recognizes skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired in an informal, non-formal and formal way (Beutner 2016).

This project was supported by Erasmus + programme and approved by the Portuguese National Agency Erasmus + Education and Training, under the reference number 2016-1-PT01-KA204-022846