SK.IN is a project aimed to share and develop educators’ competences and learning methods for skills development and inclusion, addressed especially to low-skills learners or to those with obstacles in education and inclusion in society and job market (inmates, NEETS, unemployed, early school leavers, minorities,…).

The project arises from the daily needs  of the organizations involved, shared in the planning phase of the project, underlining the need of lifelong learning opportunities for these learners, especially on key-competences and soft skills, and  the need for adult educators to develop a wider range of tools to motivate their learning process and get effective achievement of results.

Project OBJECTIVES are:

  1. For adult educators: to share good practices and tools to better support and improve competence development of their low-skills adult learners, aiming to inclusion in society and to the holistic personal development..
  2. For disadvantaged adult learners: to practice and develop basic skills (literacy, numeracy, ICT,..) and transverse skills (as for example: social skills, critical thinking, communication skills, leadership, negotiation, conflict management, ..) improving learners self-esteem.
  3. To test and apply innovative tools to motivate adult learners from different ages/backgrounds (prisoners, NEETS, unemployed,..) to develop basic competencies and transverse skills and validate and recognize their achievements with Open digital badges.
  4. To obtain a deep impact in dissemination and quality in Adult Education by creating a Facebook Page and a PDF Booklet about the methods and tools developed
  5. Strengthen the cooperation between different types of organizations involved in this project (Companies, Youth organizations, Public Bodies,..) developing their capacities through a multisectorial cooperation.

We apply a methodology based on cooperation and on complementarity of expertise of each participating organization, able to fulfill the learning objectives and to produce and disseminate proper and useful products for other educators and learners, also beyond Adult Education (Education and Youth field).

We will apply methodologies from Non-formal Education in order to guarantee development of soft skills and key competences for lifelong learning. Especially through “Life skills Education” methods – based on group exercises and games promoting social skills, cooperation, creativity, communication skills and leadership, conflict management. After each exercise is foreseen a debriefing time, in order to guarantee participants’ awareness and “learning to learn” development.

Open digital badges will be the the main tool for recognition of the learning outcomes of the Educators in the Training activity and for adult learners in local workshops. We plan to use Open Badges for making visible the learning achievements (skills, behaviors, and attitudes) that first Adult Educators and then adult learners will gain enhancing their awareness

Project coordinator:

Project partners:


This project is supported by Erasmus + Adult Education, approved by Italian National Agency Erasmus Plus  under the reference number: 2016-1-IT02-KA204-024423 

If you want to follow steps of this project see our blog posts from training course and our newsletter and and contact us for more information.