Learning Map – A new tool for recognition of competences

Never before has the educational system undergone so many changes as in the last few years, focusing on “lifelong learning” and the concept of “competencies”. On the one hand, we have the high expectations of the education system to the applicants and on the other also people who can be lost in this system due to low qualifications. For these people, it is difficult to meet the need for “lifelong learning” and, on the other hand, the constant change in education. How is it possible to keep pace with these developments?

Especially groups of persons such as the unemployed, elderly and less well qualified or educated persons should be taken into account, so that they have a realistic chance to enter the labor market. In the midst of this development, comes the idea and structure of the 16-month  project “Learning Map, with support of Erasmus + Adult Education program. The focus of the project is centered on gamification elements, specially Open Digital Badges, as well as to develop an alternative tool for visualization and certification of knowledge and learning development.

There are four country partners who are involved in a network and are involved in the design of the badge structure and the so-called Learning Map: Portugal (Ha Moment, CRL, Lisbon), Slovenia (PINA, Koper), Lithuania (Badgecraft, Vilnius) and Germany (Chair for Economic Education II, University of Paderborn). The project coordinator is Ha Moment, CRL in Portugal.

‘Learning Map’ is designed to reduce information asymmetry between employers and employees and build bridges by visualizing competences and skills. It is precisely here that learning map recognizes the need  to develop a method and web tool that enables formal, non-formal and informal competencies to be represented by low-skilled people. Furthermore, by means of micro-credentials, Open Badges, skills and abilities are to be expanded and a training offer can be better tailored to meet the needs of learners. This tool will be build on the existing platform Badgecraft (www.badgecraft.eu).

We will keep you updated regarding this long term project and the development of its outcomes.

This project is supported by Erasmus + Adult Education, approved by Portuguese National Agency Erasmus Plus –  Education and Training under the reference number: 2016-1-PT01-KA204-022846

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