Discovering Days – job shadowing experience by Elisa

It started by writing a project 4 days before the deadline, and we did it. When I received the news that it was approved I was shopping for a Christmas meal, I think, and I started to jump all around the supermarket.

When I arrived in Lisbon I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was welcomed with a nice meal by the river and cool, positive energies. Then I was explained what Ha Moment was currently working on and I fully realised how much I could learn from these guys (and lady).

The 5 weeks of jobshadowing foreseen by the project went pretty quickly, among work meetings, coffees, a Storytelling training course to write, more coffee, getting to understand the Erasmus+ KA2 projects, bread and butter, a nice visit in the country to pick up the handmade set of the board game MissionZ, portuguese food, participating in a MissionZ training for companies, finding partners, sharing recipes, ideas and opinions and, for me personally, preparing an ancient roman history exam.

I am now prepared to go back to Italy and apply the knowledge I got during this month, and I am trying to wrap up this experience, to understand what I did actually learn. In Ha Moment I found a lot of hard knowledge about project management and training, but more than that I found the will to share it. However the most relevant thing, for me, is about sharing tasks and continuously adapting to new projects, new situations, new issues. In Ha Moment I found a team of committed and passionate people who work together and manage themselves as a team achieving high levels of efficiency, showing to put almost no effort in it. That’s the first and more important thing that I am taking back with me, and that I will try to apply to my work: flowing management.

Now I’m going back to my town and my work, but I will bring with me a positive example of people who live by doing what they like, and they also improve society in the process. I am afraid that ‘They do it in Ha Moment’ will be an obsessive refrain in the next few months and my colleagues are going to hate me (and Ha Moment) but still, it’s true isn’t it? They do it XP

post was written by Elisa that spent 5 weeks with us.

EDIT: she passed the ancient history exam <yeey>

Project was supported by ERASMUS PLUS and approved by Italian National Agency with the number:2016-3-IT03-KA105-009734