We work for the recognition and raise of awareness about non-formal education and its importance. Our main area of work is the development and implementation of  training activities.

The training activities have a range from 3 hours workshops to 8 days activities, from small to big groups of participants. We implement and facilitate different trainings at National and International level for companies, schools, NGO’s, adult education organisations, youth organisations and public in general.

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in training, management, consultant, events and with expertise in different methods to be used in these areas, such as:

      1. Lego® Serious Play® method and materials.
      2. Storytelling
      3. Empathic Communication (based on Nonviolent Communication by Rosenberg)
      4. Digital tools for communication and cooperation – Such as Slack, Meistertask, Google Documents, Skype, ActionBound, Open Badges, etc
      5. Theatre of the Oppressed
      6. Dragon Dreaming
      7. Gamification
      8. Several others based on non-formal learning approach