VALUE Fair and digital tools

From 14 to 18 of December 2018, it was implemented the first Value Fair, an event that gathered around 120 participants to discuss the values of non-formal education. It was held in Cascais, Arrouquelas and Vila da Marmeleira, in Portugal. The first city because it was the European Youth Capital 2018. The 2 others due to the local impact and European work that those villages do regularly.

Our organization, Ha Moment, supported this event by having a team member that was in charge of Digital Facilitation. What does this means? In practical to make the event digital whenever possible, by uploading and sharing documents in google drive, creating shared documents for open discussions on Etherpad, to ensure that digital tools were working for video projection, and above all, to update the program constantly in the event app. It’s about this last one that I want to talk about.

Thanks to LineUpr ( we were able to create and manage an app that provided all information to the participants and team. It was our first time using this app, but immediately felt natural and easy to use. We started exploring using the free package but soon we realize that we needed to upgrade in order to be able to reach all participants of the event (around 100). Luckily LineUpr has a program of sponsorship for non-profit events (You can have more clicking here.) and so after some exchange of email they upgrade us! Fantastic!

How and Why we used LineUpr?


The main reasons we used this app were the following:
Access to more up 150 users – This allowed that all participants and team could access and use directly the app

Easy to access – The app has got a feature to use it offline and to add it to the home screen of mobile phones. However, it is not needed to download as other apps that you have to download from Google Play or Apple Store. It is possible also to use it in a laptop or tablet, directly on a browser

Real-time update of any change in the program or venue – Since our program is directed for the participants, some changes needed to happen during the event, and so we could update it on the app, or create a post to inform the participants of the changes.

All information in one place – We had in the same place the info about the team of facilitators, key note speakers, surveys and evaluation forms, schedule of the program, venues, sponsors and posts. This allowed that the participants got used to accessing all information in one single place.

Easy to create and manage – There’s plenty of templates and pages to use, which makes the development of the content very easy and intuitive. I was able to do it without looking for any tutorial, simply learning by doing (it was the first time I used it).

Overall, it was a great experience to repeat. Even that the event is over we are still using the app to collect feedback and evaluations from the participants. 5 stars! 

Next edition of Value Fair is being planned! And for sure we will use LineUpr again!