Games and gamification are great tools to be used in education. With the experience of our team we are creating and developing several games to support teaching and training and to facilitate the learning process.

We are preparing for the launch of a new educational game to be used in teaching and training environments. Soon we will provide more information and news about it.

Some of the games we created or help create and that make part of the leaning tools that we use:

Mission Z is conflict management game where the players represent a new community in a new environment, trying to cooperate and achieve individual and group objectives with the final goal of developing a sustainable and peaceful new start.



Typecast is a card game which aim focuses on understanding challenges of risk-groups and the impact of stereotyping and social discrimination. A role-playing game where the objectives are to empower risk-groups by understanding their needs and capabilities.



Butterfly’s game is a group development tool that elaborates on the challenges of teams with and their objectives. In the same workplace, different teams, common objectives. The competitiveness is welcomed but at which point it affects the team productivity?


Meanwhile, if you have an idea that you want to develop, contact us. Just click here.