Project SK.IN, updates!

During the second week of May, took place close to Vinci the course where the 10 educators shared and learned tool and methods to better provide learning experiences to their learners. The course is a part of the project Skills for Inclusion and the program was divided in categories targeting specific needs and learning objectives as there is big diversity among learners associated with our educators.

The main topics were Learning to Learn, Self-Awareness and Emotional Management, Theater of the Oppressed, Non-Violent Communication and Communication Awareness through Transactional Analysis, Cooperation, Negotiation, Empathy and the skill recognition methodology of Open Badges.

During the 5 days of the course many topics were analyzed and experimented, some more explored than others, that enabled educators to experience different good practices and understand better how some methods and techniques can be applied to different environments and sectors.

With the aim of skill recognition, open digital badges were further explained and experimented. The technology that allows users to assign and collect badges for tasks, attributes and roles gave purpose to the objective of learning and working with a different form of recognition for competences.

These learning and experiences will now be introduced and experimented at local level in Italy, Greece and Romania, in courses and daily-life activities performed by the educators giving sequence to the work developed. Different approaches for different needs will be experimented and the results are to be documented so that further on the project all partners can gather again to overlook the whole process.