LID+ Contact Making Seminar




On 8 and 9 of June, Ha Moment was part of a Contact Making Seminar, organised by the program LID+, and hosted in Derry, Northern Ireland
In this seminar, 10 local people and 10 international people gathered to develop together projects inside Erasmus + program. The main aim was that the international people (including Ha Moment) share their experience and knowledge on this program, in order to support the local organisations and newcomers on Erasmus +, to be able to develop their ideas and write their own applications to submit on the next deadline of October.
The environment and the energy were amazing and surprising of what was achieved in just 2 days. From our side, it was a great experience to be able to contribute that more people can use the opportunities of Erasmus + program and develop their own projects.
Congratulation to the organisation and thank you for making us more aware about the local reality and the impact that each one has in their own organisations and work.