Ha Moment offers trainings and learning opportunities connected with developing competences on empathy and empathic communication.

Our trainers are xxxxx


We work on

  • active listening
  • emotional and needs awareness


We follow principles on Non Violent Communication and use some tools like NVC Dance Floors


Empathic Communication training leads the participants into discovering and developing the skill of empathy, by using different exercises of communication, including some based on Non-Violent Communication (NVC). NVC is a method developed by Marshall Rosenberg in beginning of 1960s, based on a non violent living approach.

It is a method that can be used for:

  • Work Colleagues
  • Board members
  • Teachers and educators
  • Mediators


Topics that this method tackles:

  • Clear expression of needs
  • Awareness of emotions
  • Empathy
  • Reaching compromises


Duration: 2h to 20 hours (depending on the topics to be tackled and the group size)

Participants: from 4 to 14