We started developing this magazine to provide information about education, its methods, tools and people. We hope we can contribute to the raise of awareness about topics around education and work towards a better recognition of competences developed in the different education approaches, as well to validate the work of educators all over Europe and the World.

Each issue has its theme. First one was  ‘Games as Educational tools’ second was ‘Recognition and validation of competences’ and currently we are working on the 3rd number ‘Adult Education’. Inside of each issue besides topics connected with the main theme you can find interviews with educators, trainers, professionals and experts in different fields connected with education. You can find as well interviews with different entities that we want to promote and share their good practises in the field. We as well promote different games and non-formal methods that are worth to share.


All the work on this magazine is entirely done on a volunteer basis with non-profit objectives thus we are always open for anyone that would like to contribute sharing their story or writing the article.

You can follow our blog to see news about the future numbers.