Discovering Days part2 – story of Marco

I’ve known the guys from Ha Moment for years.
First time I’ve met Sergio was in 2013 and since then we’ve been meeting at least twice per year, by chance or by will!
Since then we have lived uncountable amazing experiences within Erasmus+ projects.
Do you think I could believe it when he asked me to work with Ha Moment in Lisbon?
I guess it took me half a second to decide that I definitely wanted such an experience!
The best way to accomplish this idea was doing a sort of internship which is actually possible thanks to the European Commission. This special way is called “Jobshadowing” and with the expertise from Ha Moment and Elisa’s determination, we’ve been able to present an Erasmus+ project that has been approved eventually. (Elisa is the Italian colleague I had during the job shadowing).
Well, the whole Portuguese experience have been huge! It has been working without feeling it. The harmony with Olga and Jose was perfectly on tune too.
That’s why this is the best experience I’ve had.
In 5 weeks I’ve meet old friends from Portugal and beyond and definitely I’ve fallen in love with Lisbon.
That’s it. Lisbon. I felt at home there more than in Italy.
I feel Lisbon and Ha Moment are deeply connected, they’re the mirror of each other. The relaxed life style, the continuous stream of new and good things, feeling that your mind is always somehow connected with the surrounding, the sun lighting up your face and the people lighting up your soul.
Lisbon was the optimal ground to grow up. Ha Moment has been the water and feeding. (well, I’m not referring just to the delicious dinner we had together). I’ve had the chance to feel instead to be taught… And I witnessed the most peculiar workflow ever, but I won’t reveal the secret, you have to know Ha Moment first 😉
At the end I did a little of everything, but I realized it is not so important what you do, but how. And Ha Moment, whatever it does, it does it with heart and passion.
That’s been my way of learning.