Creativity in Learning Environments – training with lovely Italian teachers

From 7th to 15th November we hosted amazing teachers from school Istituto Comprensivo 2 Chieti in Italy.

It was our first training course for educators from the series ‘Creativity in the Learning Environments’. We organised it in cooperation with our favourite Italian organisation Associazione Agrado.

For the 5 days our trainers: Laris Guerri (Agrado) Sergio Goncalves and Jose Branco (Ha Moment) were working with teachers on the topics connected with Creativity and Creative Thinking, Lego and other creative tools to use in education, Creativity tools and methods, Non-Formal methods in Education.

What do you think, did they enjoy it?

Thank you so much Casa Antonio Sergio for the space for this training. Without it it would not go so perfectly.

We cannot wait for more trainings for educators, follow us to check the news about it and if you want to see the structure of our trainings for educators click here or here.