Communication for Cooperation- International Training Course for youth workers

Working as trainers and educators with different people, having experience in many groups, being hired as freelancers by different companies and organisations, through years we gathered sad and irritating reflections that we all sometimes lack of basic and one of the most important skill that is communication. Some of us lack it because of less knowledge about proper communication tools, some lack it because of the ignorance, but we will focus on the 1st group that is open-minded towards improving their communication skills.

Let’s take step back and go to the roots of basic communication and with the use of non-formal approach tackle this issue.

We decided to organise project: Communication for Cooperation and we got support from Erasmus Plus programme and Portuguese National Agency of Youth in Action. In this project we want to focus on acquisition/ improvement communication competences by acquiring, getting awareness and developing multiple skills connected with it and required by partner organisations that helped us to draw this idea. All of this work would be for the benefit and improvement of the cooperation transferred to our work environment that is International Youth Field.

This project will bring together total of 24 people from 10 different countries for 5 working days in Lisbon, Portugal. The participants are youth workers, trainers, educators, or volunteers involved in youth work. 

If you want to see more information about preparation for this project take a look on this newsletter #1: click

This projects main activity will be mentioned training course but we planned along the way ways for bigger target groups to benefit from it.

Firstly for the ngos and all organisations/entities/ private initiatives from Portugal that work for or are connected with education we will organise an Intercultural Networking Dinner on 10th of October in Anjos 70, Lisbon. More about this event in this FB group: click

Secondly for all of those that cannot attend the event but still would like to receive some output from this project we will prepare Newsletter #2 and as well the online manual ‘How to C4C?’ that will consist of good practises on communication and example of follow up activities that will be run by participants of this training course.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this project please contact coordinator Olga Kuczynska by email: