VALUE Fair and digital tools

From 14 to 18 of December 2018, it was implemented the first Value Fair, an event that gathered around 120 participants to discuss the values of non-formal education. It was held in Cascais, Arrouquelas and Vila da Marmeleira, in Portugal. The first city because it was the European Youth Capital 2018. The 2 others due […]

Communication for Cooperation- International Training Course for youth workers

Working as trainers and educators with different people, having experience in many groups, being hired as freelancers by different companies and organisations, through years we gathered sad and irritating reflections that we all sometimes lack of basic and one of the most important skill that is communication online business ideas. Some of us lack it […]

One Last Chance – training about conflict resolution

One Last Chance is a training course that was developed in cooperation between trainers from Ha Moment and trainer Joakim Arnoy from Narviksenteret. Main inspiration and tool for this training was the board game based experience Mission Z that was developed upon the ending of the KA 2 Strategic Partnership “Borderline Boardgames. Mission Z challenges us to […]


Trainers Appraisal The appraisal of the professional development of trainers takes new steps in Europe. We seek for new ways to assess our professional competencies and support the development of practices to achieve better recognition of people working in the training field, and to contribute to the overall quality and impact in youth work training.Last […]

Project SK.IN, updates!

During the second week of May, took place close to Vinci the course where the 10 educators shared and learned tool and methods to better provide learning experiences to their learners. The course is a part of the project Skills for Inclusion and the program was divided in categories targeting specific needs and learning objectives […]

LID+ Contact Making Seminar

      On 8 and 9 of June, Ha Moment was part of a Contact Making Seminar, organised by the program LID+, and hosted in Derry, Northern Ireland In this seminar, 10 local people and 10 international people gathered to develop together projects inside Erasmus + program. The main aim was that the international […]

Trainers REBOOT

From 6th to 12th of April 2 of our penguin trainers attended a ‘Youth Trainers Reboot’ in Payerbach Austria all together with other members of International Youth Work Trainers Guild and another trainers and youth workers for a seminar with the objectives of straightening capacities of trainers, learning new methods from different sectors of business […]


It is our pleasure to host for 5 weeks, 2 Italians that will make Jobshadowing in our organization. Jobshadowing is a mobility activity which allows that youth workers from different countries, can be hosted in an organization and follow (shadow) the work being done by them. In this case, Marco and Elisa are following our […]


The CORE 2 was a project coordinated by Associazone Agrado from Italy that took place in Vinci, Italy. Ha Moment participated with two trainers in this very interesting and engaging Training Course that had Conflict Management as its main topic. The one week length workshop was divided in gradual steps reinforcing the awareness on the […]

Communication Training

During 3 months we implemented a training & consulting to Cooperative António Sérgio and Social Economy (Cooperativa António Sérgio e Economia Social). We were approached by them to support on the acquisition and raise of competences in communication and methodologies related with this topic. We were working on the three objectives: 1. Understating what is […]

Consulting International

Besides acting at national level, we are also contacted by international partners to assist in several different areas of consulting. The last consulting service we did it was to a company in Jordan, to assist in developing a team building training for a client of them. Due to our experience in trainings, our assistance allowed […]

Consulting – project applications

We support on the creation and development of projects, since its beginning. We help in identifying objectives and needs, plan activities and write applications to get funding. All the process is done in cooperation with our clients, to ensure that their idea is being followed. Until now we count already with 2 projects applied, one […]

Flipchart 2

The second number of Flipchart has as main topic: Recognition and Validation of Competences It is a hot topic, since many learning pathways do not have a formal validation, special in non-formal and informal education. You can read it here: Or follow this link:  // On this number you can read about: – Open Digital […]