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Who are we

Ha Moment, CRL is a non-profit co-operative whose mission is to provide opportunities for personal and professional development of young people and adults throughout the world, through training, consulting and development of educational tools.

We work at national and international level. Our base is in Portugal, but we also cooperate with our sister organisations in Finland. Our main areas of work are: Game Based Learning; Experiential Training; Creative Consulting.
Who are we

Meet Our Team

  • Sérgio Gonçalves

    Sérgio Gonçalves

    Project Manager / Trainer

  • Olga Kuczynska

    Olga Kuczynska

    Project Manager / Trainer

  • José Branco

    José Branco

    Trainer / Storyteller

  • Marco Politano

    Marco Politano

    Designer / Photographer

  • Filipa Mendes

    Filipa Mendes


  • Sofia Faisca

    Sofia Faisca

    Event Manager

  • Flávio Peralta

    Flávio Peralta

    Social Worker


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Recent News

  • VALUE Fair and digital tools

    From 14 to 18 of December 2018, it was implemented the first Value Fair, an event that gathered around 120 participants to discuss the values of non-formal education. It was held in Cascais, Arrouquelas and Vila da Marmeleira, in Portugal. The first city because it was the European Youth Capital 2018. The 2 others due […]

  • Communication for Cooperation- International Training Course for youth workers

    Working as trainers and educators with different people, having experience in many groups, being hired as freelancers by different companies and organisations, through years we gathered sad and irritating reflections that we all sometimes lack of basic and one of the most important skill that is communication online business ideas. Some of us lack it […]

  • Open Call to participate in trainings

    We are glad to announce, that following our strategy of delivering quality in training, tackling different topics, we have an open call for participants for 3 different trainings. In these trainings, not only we are partners or hosts, but we have trainers from our team delivering quality content. Here are the 3 open calls at the […]