Open Call to participate in trainings

We are glad to announce, that following our strategy of delivering quality in training, tackling different topics, we have an open call for participants for 3 different trainings.

In these trainings, not only we are partners or hosts, but we have trainers from our team delivering quality content. Here are the 3 open calls at the moment:

1 – C4C Communication for Cooperation

8-14 October 2017 | Anjos, Lisbon, Portugal
The main objective of this training is to develop communication and cooperation competences using non-formal methodologies to apply in Youth work.
More info and application:
Application open until 27 of August.
Trainers: Olga Kuzcynska from Ha Moment and Laris Guerri from Associazione Agrado (Italy)

2 – One Last Chance – 2nd part

13-19 November 2017 | Narvik region, Norway
One Last Chance is a training course on conflict management, resolution and transformation using simulation games as main tool to transfer competences to youth workers so they can deal with conflicts in general.
More info and application:
Application open until 13 of September.
Trainers: José Branco (Ha Moment), Olga Kuczynska (Ha Moment) and Joakim Arnoy (Narviksenteret, Norway)


3 – Strong Young Minds

2-10 November 2017 | Măguri-Răcătău, Romania
The main objective of the training course is to test a curriculum developed for the personal, social and emotional development of teenagers using non-formal methodologies. This training is part of a long term project (KA2 Strategic Partnerships) which is developing tools for prevention of mental health on youngsters.
More info and application:
Application open until 10 of September.
Trainers: Olga Kuzcynska (Ha Moment), Paula Nutas (Minte Forte, Romania) and Alexandru Arhire (Ask Yourself, Romania)