How to get from idea to action


Master class on how to make you incredible idea become reality.

Hello to all enthusiasts, idea holders, thinkers and DOers !

Are you one of those enthusiastic people who has a lot of ideas and different projects on your mind but you often don`t know how to realize them and make them into reality?

Or you are entrepreneur or an NGO leader and you have a lot of business ideas/projects on you mind and you are always under the pressure of a question: “Which of those have the most potential to succeed?”

Have you ever go on different workshops and lectures about subject like “from idea to practice” optimizing you work, time management, ect. But when you get back into the office actually nothing has change?

Ooouuu yeeeh we know this feeling. Believe us. It happen all the  time if you are scratching just a surface. If you want real change you must go deep in to your mindset or mindset of you organization. You must become aware of the hole process of implementing you ideas and we are here to help you.


We prepare for you 2 day intensive training in which you will:

  • Learn the easiest and the cheapest way to test you ideas/projects properly (like scientist) that you will always know which of you idea/projects has the most potential to succeed.
  • Realize that majority of our daily life is based of habits that we perform every day. Not just like doing them also thinking one. And specially this thinking habits often subconsciously stops us to try new things and perform new project. We will show you how to overcome this mind obstacle.
  • Learn how to shout down little voices inside your had which appears always when you want to try something new and tells you that you will not succeed and that your intentions are pointless.
  • Do a lot of staff by yourself. You will try new tool and new approaches “on your skin”. Because we believe that you can really understand new knowledge when you try it, we will make little talking and a lot of DOing. So no bullshit-just pure work. Thos is our promise!

Training will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 30th and 31st of January 2016

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Not sure yet? You want to know more about specific subjects of a training and daily agenda? Here you go:

How to test you ideas – Lean approach Day 1 9h30 – 11h *  Get to know each

*  Define expectations

*  Introduction of lean methodology (lecture)

*  Introduction of tools (lecture)

11h – 12h30 *  Using firs tool: making Lean canvas

(done by participants)

12h30 – 14h Lunch brake
14h – 15h *  Using second tool: Designing interview about the problem (done by participants)
15h – 17h *  Making Interview with potential clients/users outside-on the street  (done by participants)
Day 2 9h30 – 10h30 *  Using third tool: Designing interview about solution (done by participants)
10h30 – 12h30 *  Making Interview with potential clients/users outside-on the street  (done by participants)
12h30 – 14h Lunch brake
How to prepare yourself to really try new things- change your mind set 14h – 15h30 *  Lecture about habits and their influence on us
15h30 – 17h *  Lecture about basis of Transactional analysis


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You really should participate if you are:

  • one of those people how have lots of ideas but don`t know where to start – just APPLY HERE and upgrade yourself!
  • one of those entrepreneurs how heave a lot of project in the drawer but somehow they just don`t happen – just APPLY HERE and earn more!
  • one of those NGO leaders who have always a feeling that projects can be done better but don`t know exactly how – just APPLY HERE and be more efficient an user orientated!

120€ to participate in the full masterclass (2 days). Include material, training, space, fun, certification and coffee-breaks.
We have discounts for early sign in, and for groups of 5 or more people. Contact us now HERE.

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You are more than welcome to join the movement of people who make their dream come true every day! Do not hesitate – the revolution starts NOW!

About the trainer:


Tomaž Stritar from Slovenia  has worked on the development of entrepreneurship and innovations already for 5 years. He is a founder and CEO of the Institute Successful entrepreneur He is also one the founders of coworking space DPlac – hub of business ideas with the social impact. He cofounded an business education program Ferl which has included several hundred potential entrepreneurs and it has been organized all over the Slovenia. He co-authored social business handbook “How to make social enterprise from scratch”. More information about him on website


PS: Still not sure? We believe that video introduction below will convince you 😉

 [:pt]Master class on how to make you incredible idea become reality[:]