Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning is a methodology which uses games as main tool for developing and acquiring competences. Though fun and playfulness the learning process becomes more immersive, attractive and engaging. The learners become players which cooperate or compete to reach specific goals and missions, while they are learning.

Upon the end of the game play, a debriefing is implemented allowing the reflection and awareness of the learning outcomes.

In Ha Moment we used common games and adapt them to specific training activities, such as Dixit (card game) or Bankrupt (negotiation card game), but we also create and develop original ones that are from scratch designed with specific learning purposes and without losing the fun part of it.

Check the games that we have developed so far!

Mission Z
Conflict Management Simulation Game

Social Inclusion Role Play Game

Amazing Island
Identity and Mental Health Board Game

Butterfly Effect
Adaptation to Change Role Play Game

Also check the new games we will develop, or contact us to create your own game.

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