In the area of Erasmus Plus we base our work on competences of our trainers and experience in project management. We organise projects in the areas we have expertise in and we build strong partnerships between us and different organisations promoting quality projects in this field.

We care about quality so we only participate in projects that are in line with our area of work or expertise, with good partners, that contribute to the development of competences of our staff, that can cause a social impact and that are in line with the main values of Erasmus Plus programme. We do not accept partnerships proposals that are not in line with this.

KA2 strategic partnerships

We coordinate and we are partners in Strategic Partnerships both in exchange of good practices and intellectual outputs. We base our work in KA2 on strong partnerships and involvement in the projects that we can share our expertise and we can learn new methods.

On all the above matters you can find information on our blog and in our portfolio.

KA 1 training courses and seminars for youth workers and trainers

We organise training courses in the area of conflict management, communication, cooperation, storytelling, facilitation, project management, gamification. We are partners on projects promoted by our good partners where we prepare and send participants and as well we provide trainers.

KA1 Training courses for educators

With cooperation of Associazione Agrado we provide specific courses for educators that are base on the non-formal methodology that could be used in the classrooms. We train about creativity and soft skills in the learning environments..