Creativity in learning environments

[:en]Training for educators (possibly funded by Erasmus +).
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  • Provide theory and concepts about creativity and its use in learning
  • Acquire or raise the level of creative skills to use at personal and professional level
  • Provide methods and practical tools to stimulate the development of creativity
  • Gain knowledge on how to transfer the acquired competences to the learning environment, for students, pupils and trainees.
  • Explore different tools of creative work

Target groups:
Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), trainers, staff from adult education organizations or schools, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals,


7 to 15 Nov 2016 (including travel days) – FIXED DATES
Lisbon, Portugal


Day 17 of November
  • Arrival


Day 28 of November
9:00 Welcome

9:05 Ice-breaker

9:15 Presentation of Ha Moment and Lisbon

9:45 Getting to know

10:10 Expectations and Fears
10:30 Coffee-Break
11:00 Presentation of the program

11:15 Creativity:

  • Concept
  • Theory
  • Meaning
  • Self-understanding of Creativity

12:30 Reflection time
13:00 Lunch time (end of activities)


Day 39 of November
9:00 – Energizer

9:10 Creative thinking tools and methods

  • Brainstorming
  • Lateral thinking

10:30 – Coffee break

  • Mind Mapping
  • 6 thinking hats
  • Creative problem solving

12:00 Creative People

  • Role models
  • Characteristics

12:45 Reflection time
13:00 Lunch time
15:00 School visit (primary or secondary school)

16:00 End of activities


Day 410 of November
9:00 Energizer

9:10 Creativity inside the box

  • Methods of creative development for non-creative people
  • Closed world 5 methods
  • Practice the 5 methods of Close World

10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Practice the 5 methods of Close World – continuation

11:30 How to use creativity with kids with problems of attention and dislexy

12:45 Reflection
13:00 Lunch (end of activities)


Day 511 of November (Saint Martin’s Day)
9:00 Energizer

9:10 Intercultural creativity

  • Creative game with: cultural visit around Lisbon (or Sintra), history presentation of the city.
  • Presentation of a digital tool for use in study and cultural visits.

Coffee-break and lunch in between
16:00 End of activities


Day 612 of November
9:00 Energizer

9:10 Creativity outside of the box

  • Advanced methods and tools of creativity development and implementation
  • Lego Serious Play Method

10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Adapt creativity to learning environment (examples how to use in specific classes: mathematic, italian, etc.)

  • Brainstorming of ideas to use in learning environment
  • Visualization of videos of educational systems in different countries

12:45 Reflection
13:00 Lunch and end of activities


Day 713 of November
9:00 Energizer

9:10 Learning by doing – Non-Formal methods

  • Simulation exercises
  • Role Play Games
  • Group dynamics

10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Learning pyramid

11:45 Stimulating environment

  • How to create
  • Examples
  • Sharing of ideas

12:45 Reflection
13:00 Lunch and end of activities


Day 8 14 of November
9:00 Energizer

9:10 Planning of follow up and dissemination activities

  • Long term cooperation
  • Personal Action Plan

10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Evaluation of the training

12:15 Self Assessment

12:45 Certificate deliver
13:00 Lunch and end of activities


Day 915 of November

Our methodology will be based on a balance between theory and practice, using formal and non-formal methods to make the participants to develop their creative skills and be able to transfer them to their work. The participants will cooperate and develop some activities in small groups. We support the learning process of each participant and the self-assessment of the competences acquired.

The course will be conducted in English.

100% covered by Erasmus + programme. If you don’t have an Erasmus + grant, the costs are the following:

  • Enrolment Fees (covered by Erasmus +):
    490 Euros- 7 days- (30 hour-training)
    Course fees include: Course Material, folder with material about Lisbon and Portugal, coffee/tea breaks, tour to Lisbon, administrative costs, certificates and Europass
  • Accommodation and travels (covered by Erasmus +):
    Your school or organization should take care of this for you, according to your needs.
    If you need our support, please request more information to know the conditions, and we ensure all logistics (transport from airport to the venue, accommodation, meals, local transportation). We can provide with some cheap suggestions.

If you want to attend the course without having an EU grant, contact us.
We can adjust the fees to help you, however keep in mind that you still have to cover the other costs: travel, insurance, accommodation and meals.

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