When work falls into a routine it can get boring and unattractive, and so the work environment becomes heavy and unpleasant, leading to a decrease on productivity and communication. We can provide with creative ideas and suggestions to increase your productivity and improve your work environment

Areas of creative consulting:

Whatever you dream we can write. We support you in passing your ideas to a concrete application to submit for different funding opportunities.  We work with you to develop all the necessary steps and documentation, with good planning, setting of goals, timeline, milestones and success indicators.

Projects can become tricky to manage when obstacles appear, tasks are not done, deadlines are not fulfilled. Don’t worry… You can count with our experience and expertise to support you in getting back on track. Or to work with you since the start, to ensure that everything goes accordingly to plan!

Spice up your work environment. A  vibrant and creative work place increases productivity and motivation of the staff. We can see your space and offer recommendations to improve it, making it more colourful, fun, engaging, attractive. For example, why not adding a sandbox under your desk, so you can be barefoot and relax as if you were at the beach? 

Digital tools can improve your work, communication and cooperation. There are several free tools that you may start using it now and we can support you on that. Tools for communication, task management, file sharing, time tracking, etc. Welcome to XXI century! 🙂 

Routine and repetitive work can lead to lack of interest, motivation and inspiration. We can provide short activities or provide suggestions on how to increase or bring back the motivation and inspiration of your staff. The more motivated, the happier people are on their work!

Creative people can adapt, change and be flexible in easier way. And nowadays, creativity is one of most important key competences to have. It allows you to innovate, grow, and act differently. We can improve the creativity in your work and staff, with training and/ or consulting on small changes to make it happen.


Ready to act differently?

Do you like to improve the productivity of your company or NGO? Do you want to write a project plan but don’t know where to begin? Your business needs new and fresh ideas to develop further? You want to change your working environment to a more fun and creative place to work? What are you waiting?