The project ‘C4C: Communication for cooperation’ was developed with an aim to empower youth workers through equipping them with a set of key tools to become ambassadors of tolerant dialogue and to raise awareness on the importance of communication skills and tolerance in the light of the changing European society.

The project consists of three stages: preparatory arrangements, training course and follow up activities. The main activity is the training course tackling the development communication and cooperation competences that are recognised as two of main 21st century skills are 2 competences from ETS competence model for Youth Workers.

The project already lived its 3 editions: in Portugal, in Italy, in Slovenia and next year in Austria. 

Although the orignial idea came from one our trainers we create this project together with Associazione Agrado and all the partners involved in each edition throughout all stages of the project.

The project relates to the goals of the Erasmus+ programme in terms of improving the level of key competences and skills of young people as well as promoting their active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity. The impact of the project shall be seen in strengthened knowledge, skills and competences of young people, their personal development and their improved employability in the labour market. Its long-term outcomes will underline the importance of youth work and international cooperation in terms of developing a European culture of peace, tolerance and mutual understanding.

The objectives of the project are:

 – To gain the knowledge about different forms, strategies, norms and mistakes of communication

 – To gain practical skills of communication to be used in working with diversity and inclusion

 – To experience the barriers of cooperation and learn the strategies to cope with them in daily life

 – To gain skills of specific communication methods, such as feedback, mediation, nonviolent communication, transactional analysis

 – To acquire skills of ICT tools for online and international cooperation and trigger discussion on media literacy and critical thinking

 – To plan and implement at least one follow up session about communication for cooperation in each partner country and create sustainable plan for dissemination of project results 


Since the journey of C4C started we produced several outcomes during all project phase that you can find here:


– If you want to see more information about preparation for this project take a look on this newsletter #1: click

– If you want to see the follow up activities made by participants see the newsletter#2 click 

– If you want to explore the methods that were used in the training check online manual ‘How to C4C? here 

– For those that like more the visuals check our playlist of videos that were made from each training day here 


– find produced website here

– find produced handbook here


Results will be published soon 

Thank you for everyone involved in this project from the very beginning until the end. The power of C4C and its outcomes empowered us to spread this project idea on broader horizons and second edition is coming soon !