The C4C training course is focused on the development of communication and cooperation competences in individuals for use in teams and group work, using non-formal methodologies, in order to apply in the International Youth field, in daily work between youth workers and youngsters. Together with project partners we identified our needs in this area and built project objectives such as:

1. To gain the knowledge about different forms, strategies, norms and mistakes of communication

2. To experience the barriers of cooperation and learn from them strategies to cope

3. To learn how to give and receive feedback 

4. To gain skills of using non-violent communication methods by M. Rosenberg and adapt it to personal use

5. To gain skills of assertive communication and transactional analysis

6. To acquire or raise competences in ICT tools for communication

7. To plan a session about communication for cooperation for specific target group and how to multiply the awareness of importance of the different forms communication and its benefits for the cooperation

8. To produce a manual ‘How to C4C?’ to share with bigger target group


This project brought together total of 24 people from 10 different countries for 5 working days in Lisbon, Portugal. The participants were youth workers, trainers, educators, or volunteers involved in youth work. 

We produced several outcomes during all project phase that you can find here:

– If you want to see more information about preparation for this project take a look on this newsletter #1: click

– If you want to see the follow up activities made by participants see the newsletter#2 click 

– If you want to explore the methods that were used in the training check online manual ‘How to C4C? here 

– For those that like more the visuals check our playlist of videos that were made from each training day here 


Thank you for everyone involved in this project from the very beginning until the end. The power of C4C and its outcomes empowered us to spread this project idea on broader horizons and second edition is coming soon !